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Steve Fuller

I was active in unions throughout my working life at many levels and enjoyed helping and motivating people to stick up for themselves and others. I tried to take on environmental issues through enterprise bargaining. After retiring I focused on getting more active in the environment space and ended leading, recruiting, educating and empowering others to contribute towards better renewable energy policies. I’m now the volunteer coordinator for the South Australian Solar Citizens team. We’re working on the “Stand Up For Solar” campaign which is designed to achieve national policies supporting the expansion of renewable energy particularly domestic solar pv.

The SA team is contributing to and implementing campaign strategies designed to encourage grassroots engagement with politics and politicians by linking the practical and highly visible proliferation of pv with the policies that affect it. Since completing the Fellowship I have taken on developing an advocacy movement around Education for Sustainability in order to draw in more people to the climate movement and also am helping develop a 2018 University of the Third Age course ‘Creating a Climate for Change’ focusing on climate and renewable energy and pointing the participants in the activist direction.