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Anonymous COF 2021

I have never before had a learning experience that is so carefully structured to ensure active participation at every stage, and which is so thorough and in-depth in the terrain it covers. Feel like I have a really thorough toolkit to help me through challenging situations, and really appreciated the justice lens that flowed through the whole course.

Tony Goodfellow - COF 2021

I'm a bit cut off in a regional area so it's been awesome for me to connect with a wider network. I've made some great connections during the Community Organising Fellowship. The yarns and humour from Edie Shepherd have to be a highlight. I've really loved the focus on racial justice and accessibility in the workshops. If you get a chance to do it I highly recommend it, it's been hard but well worth the zoom hours. The facilitator team was awesome, the mentoring was really valuable and I hope to meet the fellow cohort face to face in the future. Going forward I hope I can practice what I've learnt and help empower future leaders.

Anonymous COF 2021

COF was a great boost for my organising skills and confidence. It provided practical resources, a breadth of perspectives, and many challenges to my thinking.

Anonymous COF 2021

I was blown away by the sheer amount of fantastic content & resources! Loved the constant opportunities for interactive group work and reflection. Even though it all happened online, I was given ample opportunities to connect with the cohort, my mentor and the facilitators throughout the year and build what I hope are lasting relationships. Would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone wanting to build their confidence and skills in community organising.

Anonymous COF 2021

I found this fellowship really insightful and useful for building on existing areas of knowledge. It definitely challenged me to put theory into practice. The cohort was wonderful - I feel really lucky to get to know and work with so many talented organisers. The content on first nations, racial and disability justice were really powerful and something all organisers and campaigners should think about.

Grace Vegesana COF 2021

COF drew on the existing soft skills I had as an organiser and elevated them to new heights. Being in a group of deeply passionate, highly motivated individuals pushed me to be my best and most innovative in my campaigning and organising. It provided me with translatable real-life skills and theory drawing on intersections of justice to fight for systems change. I wouldn't be where I am without COF. - Grace :)

Anonymous COF 2021

The Community Organising Fellowship taught me super helpful ways of structuring my organising work and designing my campaigns! It will really help my organising work going forward.

Anonymous COF 2021

The Community Organising Fellowship is the best indoctrination to make change that is deeply rooted in justice and solidarity.

Anonymous COF 2021

The community organising fellowship has single-handedly given me all the tools required to be a competent community organiser and campaign strategist. For anyone wanting to up their game in community organising, this is the course for you.


Alex Cassie

Alex Cassie – COF 2020

The Community Organising Fellowship was one of the best things I did this year. As I spend another Sunday night mentally preparing for a week of rewarding but difficult work, I know I am better equipped for any challenges because of getting to spend the 7 months working through problems with a cohort of professionals.


Bernard Cox – COF 2020

I just wanted to say thank you to all my COF leaders for such a great year of education, interaction and inspiration. It’s like a dream come true for me to do a program like COF.


Matt Curry

Matthew Curry, COF 2019, Australian Wind Alliance

This was the training I wish I did 10 years ago. I feel I now have a massive comprehensive toolbox and extensive frameworks, networks and sources of knowledge to tap into, to guide my fight for climate justice, and building community in this era of disconnection and loneliness.