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Melinda Millen

I am a Network Organiser with Climate Action Network Australia, supporting members by building relationships and their capacity to organise as well as coordinating events and meetings for member collaboration. I’m based on the land of the Eora Nation (Sydney) and am a core organiser for Stop Adani with my local Climate Action Network. A member of the New Economy Network Australia, I am passionate about a post-capitalist economic system with foundations in ecological health and social justice.

Many years ago, I transitioned from marketing and communications in the private sector to carbon management, although I became frustrated by the incremental and insufficient environmental progress by businesses that prioritise shareholders’ interests. So I completed a Master of Environmental Management and then led within’s Fossil Free UNSWdivestment campaign and Share Sydney (a collective that encourages community development through sharing of resources). I’m now trying to squeeze in more camping with my young family, yoga and pilates.