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Matthew Curry

I started my journey fighting for climate justice when I fell ill in high school. During that time fighting illness I resolved to use my energy to help other people – I saw climate change as the number one threat to people around the world, so I naturally started looking for ways to do something about it!

In university introduced me to community organising, and the power to create social change through uniting and empowering people under a common cause. Since then I’ve worked on a bunch of different campaigns, starting in Perth, WA with state election organising on conservation issues – then in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney on different by-elections, in the #StopAdani campaign, assisting on the ban Fracking campaign in the NT, and the Hands off our Charities campaign.

As of writing I’m currently assisting awesome young students to go organise school strikes for climate action in WA and QLD! I’m not sure what’s next but I’m determined to continually fight for a better world and for climate justice.