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Lisa Cliff

I currently work with Environment Tasmania on an ocean protection campaign.

My work is focused on cleaning up the salmon farming industry; I work with chefs and consumers to raise
awareness around the practices involved in industrial farming.
I grew up watching salmon farms proliferate on the waterways around my home; I want to see these places
managed responsibly.
For the last ten years I've been involved in regenerative agriculture and local food systems as a berry farmer on
melukerdee land (southern Tasmania). As soon as I got engaged in the food system, it became obvious that we need
to fix it!
Our farming journey began with selling organic berries to big supermarkets interstate, and is now 100% sold
direct and locally in compostable packaging. I've been able to contribute to causes around raw milk, small scale egg
regulations, keeping Tasmania GMO free, growing accessible food systems and maintaining support systems
for regenerative farmers over that time. 
Before that I worked as a wilderness guide and outdoor education instructor with school kids and tourists- sharing
wonderful (and terrifying) experiences in beautiful places helped me grow a strong sense of place, and reverence for
undeveloped spaces. I'm pretty excited about learning how better to help look after them through community