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Kokila De Silva

I am part of Muslim Collective, a dynamic Australian faith-based community for progressive thought and social action. We are a diverse and inclusive group that supports and encourages dialogue about the real issues of our time. We envisage a society where all people - regardless of gender, religion, race, culture or sexuality - can contribute to this conversation respectfully. I have been part of the team building up Muslim Collective (MC) in Sydney, plugging into wider conversations in the interfaith space, climate action and justice for First Nations. We also seek to engage in meaningful conversations within Muslim communities contributing our inclusive and non-orthodox perspectives to these conversations.

Outside of MC, I am a yoga teacher and a lifelong student on this path. I approach every experience as an opportunity for practice regardless of 'failure' or 'success'. I am also a great supporter of the creative arts and have been involved in various film, theatre and dance initiatives.