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Hannah Ekin

I currently work for Arid Lands Environment Centre on the campaign against fracking and new gas developments in Central Australia and the NT. My work involves building an alliance of activists, experts and affected communities such as pastoralists and First Nations people fighting fracking on their land, and raising the profile of fracking and pipelines as a public concern in Central Australia.

I first became involved in this campaign as a volunteer member of local anti-fracking group CAFFA while looking for a constructive response to my growing sense of doom and fear about climate change following the bushfire season and Central Australian record temperatures of summer 2019/20.

I previously lived in Indonesia for 3 years where I worked on an art-research project about land conflict in Jakarta bay, meeting a coalition of community leaders, architects, lawyers and activists invested in protecting the bay from exploitation and privatisation. The impressive way this coalition collaborated across divides of class, ideology and lived experience got me interested in community organising.