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Emily Jones

I have long been passionate about environmental issues and the role that community organising can play to address them. I first became exposed to the power of community organising in high school, where I was part of a group of students who took on a retail giant for discrimination, resulting in the retailer changing their policies nationwide. I then became involved in Landcare, where I saw the incredible work communities were doing to address their local environmental problems.

These experiences led me to move to Canberra, where I studied a Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management) as well as a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the ANU. After moving here, I became involved in a variety of campaigns and organisations, gaining experience in community organising, campaigning, media and advocacy. I also co-founded ANU Intrepid Landcare and Canberra Students for Fair Work, organisations driven by the principles of community organising. After spending the last two years working in consumer protection at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, I moved to my current role as a community organiser at Farmers for Climate Action, an inclusive movement of farmers and rural Australians leading the way on climate solutions.