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Ebony Pierik

I'm a proud Jabirr Jabirr / Bardi woman and the Organising Manager at Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

I grew up all over so called Australia, but feel an especially strong connection to Kaurna Country, Larrakia Land, and Yawuru Country. I've always been strongly connected to my family and over the past few years have been reconnecting with my Country.

My career has been heavily involved in political and activist spaces along with community services. I was a trainee for a year in the SA Parliament house (from early 2019 to early 2020) which gave me a lot of insight into legislative and policy practices. I then spent a year on the Seed Fundraising team, followed by employment with Baptist Care SA. I also have certifications in Community Services, Business, and Government.

I am incredibly passionate about Climate Justice, protecting communities, land and waters from greed and corruption. With the mass destruction of Country and the increase in extreme weather events, I believe climate change is an Indigenous rights issue and that achieving Climate Justice is one of the many ways to keep First Nations culture strong and thriving.