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Carly Robertson

My journey into climate activism started with a conversation. I was a guest at Climate for Change conversation in 2016, and from there I was inspired to become a volunteer facilitator, and later a fundraiser, facilitator mentor and part of the 2019 Communications and Fundraising Fellowship. Throughout 2020 COVID lockdowns, I also helped expand the reach of MP Engagement Groups around Australia, supporting the startup of local groups to contact their MPs about climate issues. I was hired by the Australian Conservation Foundation as a Community Mobiliser for the 2019 Climate Election campaign to train volunteers and run voter calling parties. I’ve also been a Community Organiser in the shareholder activism team Market Forces working with shareholders and volunteers to hold businesses, banks and super funds to account on their investment in fossil fuels and their climate risk mitigation. I currently work as a Team Leader with Climate for Change, recruiting, training and supporting volunteer facilitators of Climate Conversations to step up and be part of the climate action movement. I believe that community organising is how we can channel the growing concern for climate change and our living world by helping everyday citizens to find their voice and make change happen.