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Alicia Walter

Growing up on a biodynamic farm in country Victoria entrenched my connection with the environment from a young age.

I was so lucky to see my parents working with nature, be able to explore the forests, grow our own food and have a rosy view of the world. As I grew older, the juxtaposition of my upbringing and the rest of Australia became clearer, which was a really difficult and scary realisation! I decided to study Corporate Environmental Management, only to find that the solutions to environmental degradation and climate change weren't really possible within our management systems.

I realised that if we actually want to take meaningful action on climate change, we need to change what society does, and what we value and believe, which starts with communities. This is why I started volunteering with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) in North Queensland, and why I'm now lucky enough to be the AYCC's North Queensland Organiser.

I am endlessly passionate about organising in regional and front-line communities, and am so excited about the potential of North Queensland to embrace the "crisitunity" of climate change and move towards a brighter future!