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Aisha de Barros Lopes

My first involvement in campaigning was through my participation in rallies and petitions whilst living and studying in Melbourne from 2013 to 2016. It was while living in the big city that I came to recognise the importance of, and the momentum of change that is generated through direct action.

I currently work as Projects and Events Coordinator at Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC). CAFNEC is a not-for-profit organisation, and is the peak environmental body campaigning and advocating for environmental issues in Far North Queensland. In my role, I work closely with the community, schools, and other environmental groups, organising educational projects and events that foster environmental awareness. I am also responsible for recruiting volunteers, and engaging and supporting our volunteer network.

As an intern first, and now an employee of CAFNEC I have been involved in smaller local campaigning issues, as well as the broader environmental issues of state and national importance. I have been heavily involved in the Land Clearing Campaign in 2017, in the lead up to the Queensland state election, whereby I collaborated with other environmental organisations, helped in developing and planning a campaign strategy, created informative resources for the public, and hosted a candidate forum here in Cairns. Our current campaign is to make climate change the election issue. We want our government to make the switch to renewable energy. Thus far, I have worked closely with my colleagues and our volunteers in developing a campaign strategy for this, as well as facilitated a Rise for Climate Rally as part of the Global Day of Action for Climate Change.