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Tony Goodfellow

I am currently the Victorian/Tas Community Organiser at RE-Alliance where we are working on climate action through the transition towards 100% renewable energy. A big focus is making sure regional communities make the most out of that transition and are not left behind. We have run campaigns for the federal election, state emission targets and policy. Recently I have closely engaged with supporters and others environmental groups for a green post-covid recovery

In my spare time I have been campaigning for a progressive Ballarat Council by establishing a new group that coordinates all the smaller civil society groups in Ballarat called the Ballarat Community Alliance. I have campaigned locally in Ballarat for climate action too though membership on the Board of Ballarat sustainability group, BREAZE, I run Green Drinks and help facilitate Ballarat Climate Action Network. Previously, I have run as a Greens candidate for local and state elections

I have a Bachelor degree in Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies with honours in sociology from where I looked at sustainable transport in Hobart. I also have a Master of Environment from Melbourne University. I caught the organising bug by completing the Sydney Alliance’s Foundation Organisers Training and am excited to take organising to the next level.