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Tamika Sadler

Tamika is a proud Aboriginal, Torres Strait and South Sea woman, currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental and Marine Science.

Tamika is passionate about climate change, education, human rights and health. Tamika also works at SEED, an Indigenous Youth Climate Network tackling environmental justice and climate change, working towards a sustainable future with strong cultures and communities powered by renewable energy.

She also assisted with the start up of “Take Pride Movement” an Indigenous clothing brand voicing First Nation Australian’s through timeless pieces of clothing and apparel. ‘Take Pride Movement’ is a symbol of unity and strength for all races to wear with pride.

Tamika has also created a social media page known as “First Nations Affirmations”, a page to write and share positive affirmations and quotes to uplift, inspire and empower First Nations people. She is also apart of the Youth Advisory Council with the Queensland Family and Child Commission. And most recently founded "Marara Mentoring" youth program to educate young people of Indigenous history, culture and education.