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Taegen Edwards

I didn’t know ‘community organising’ was a thing until I went along to a great workshop in 2009, which introduced me to many of the skills and frameworks. I’d been doing organising instinctively (though pretty badly) as part of my involvement with the grassroots climate movement. Since then I’ve had many opportunities to learn more and put ideas into practice on campaigns including Replace Hazelwood, 100% Renewables, and Vote Climate. In the last year I’ve been lucky enough to get paid to organise, working with renewable energy campaigners around the country through 100% Renewable, and solar owners and supporters through our new organisation, Solar Citizens.

I’m currently on the Steering Committee for Solar Citizens. Solar Citizens is a not-for-profit which coordinates community campaigns to see Australia transition to renewable energy. In 2013 we started Solar Citizens, a separate initiative, which focuses on uniting solar owners, workers and supporters all over Australia. Solar Citizens will be our primary focus for grassroots organising work this year. I’m currently spending quality time with my new baby boy and look forward to returning to the world of community organising in the future.