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Philip Marrii Winzer

Is first and foremost a Ngarabul & Wirrayaraay Murri from so-called New England, Northern New South Wales, and has been actively involved in fighting for Aboriginal rights and to protect country for over a decade.

Phil’s organising and campaigning are grounded in a deep passion for country and a strong belief in the necessity of decolonising and rooting ourselves in Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing if our world is to survive the climate crisis that is already devastating Indigenous communities here and globally. With Phil’s own country facing a new wave of colonisation in the form of coal and coal seam gas extraction, they have been active in environmental campaigns to protect Gomeroi country for many years. Phil is also actively involved in Ngarabul language revitalisation and reclamation of country.

Phil has also been organising, campaigning and involved in frontline, on-the-ground anti-colonial resistance with the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance since 2014, including helping organise major protests like Genocidal20 (G20 2014) and Stolenwealth (Commonwealth Games 2018). Until recently, Phil was National Campaign and Organising Manager for Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, and led the implementation of a corporate campaign targeting companies involved in fracking in the Northern Territory amongst Seed’s national network of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.