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Naomi Hogan

Coordinates community action in the face of expanding coal and gas projects across Australia. She has trained in science communication and natural resource management, with experience in science writing, community organising and media outreach.

Over the past decade, Naomi has worked with regional communities, farming groups and Traditional Owners across Australia on the frontline of proposed new gas fields and open cut coal mines. From company board rooms to parliament meetings and media stories, her approach has been to help facilitate local representatives to have a powerful voice.

Naomi is currently a National Coordinator for the Lock the Gate Alliance. The mission of Lock the Gate is to protect Australia’s agricultural, environmental and cultural resources from inappropriate mining. The charity aims to educate and empower all Australians to demand sustainable solutions to food and energy production. A large part of her current role includes mobilising community representatives and researchers to challenge the increasing threat of large-scale fracking and new gas fields across the Northern Territory and Western Australia.