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Michael McGrath

I grew up around the ocean on NSW’s South Coast. I studied political science, majoring in international relations and took a keen interest in human rights and progressive politics. During time overseas, I caught a glimpse of the immense power of people amongst widespread displays of civil disobedience in Guatemala. This experience set in motion a journey of research and journalism, eager to learn more about social movements.

I found my passion for community organising through volunteering and then working with GetUp on the campaign to oust Tony Abbott. Since then I have committed myself to exploring the climate justice space on home soil, and have volunteered with #StopAdani, the SS4C movement, and made connections with the grassroots across Sydney.

I’m currently an organiser at Tipping Point, supporting the Climate Strikers across the continent to build their power, hold decision makers to account, and turn the tide on the climate crisis. I enjoy surfing, hiking, music, and languages.