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Melissa Abel

I am predominantly a stay-at-home mum and am new to community organising, having only really started my journey a bit over a year ago, but I’ve thrown myself enthusiastically into multiple volunteer roles. I am the convener of the local Australian Conservation Foundation community group, having started the group with a friend in November 2017.

I’m on the publicity team of my local branch of Rural Australians for Refugees, as well as being the acting secretary.

I’m also a facilitator for Climate For Change, helping people to have productive conversations about climate change with the people they care about, in order to empower people to act and build the movement for effective action on climate change. As such, I am highly involved in the day-to-day running of the groups and am responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes administration. However, I am particularly passionate about the strategic planning, event organising, and publicity and media aspects of action groups and how they relate to the broader community in bringing about the changes we would like to see.