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Mateja Simovic

I’ve been an activist from a young age with my parents bringing me along to anti-war protests when I was a young child. Although I was a bit young to understand the nuances of the cause, I understood that injustice had to be met with action and that I was one amongst many.

I studied at the University of Sydney and was involved with student activism. I was always comfortable with putting my hand up for campaigns run by other people and did my best to do whatever work needed to be done.

Through my own interest in games and tech, I ended up becoming an organiser and founder of the Sydney branch of Game Workers Unite Australia, a labour activist organisation dedicated to organising workers in game development. The highlight of my career so far has been organising the formation of Sydney’s first game dev cooperative studio and also facilitating the games industry’s first right of entry by a union organiser.

In my spare time, I cook for Food Not Bombs, run a boardgames night at an anarchist bookshop, and moonlight full-time as a legal transcriptionist.