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Latest news - August 2021

Changes to the Community Organising Fellowship have been plenty in the last few months. 

The Community Organising Fellowship has been active behind the scenes with a number of substantial changes. These have included the exit of previous co-Director James Whelan, who parted ways with the Fellowship in May this year. 

Adele Neale and Max Smith continued in their roles as co-Directors, and as of August 2021, Adele Neale has stepped out of the role and will continue as a valued team member in a different role. Max continues to carry the baton in the co-Directorship as recruitment begins to fill Adele Neale's role. 

We wish the best to Adele and thank her warmly for the immense work she has done to direct the Fellowship, and look forward to working with her in her new role. 

Erin Laurence will continue in their role as admin and logistics officer. Edie Shepherd (GetUp) and Kaz Uy (Tipping Point) will both continue in their valued roles as part of the core facilitation team.

The Fellowship's Reference Group membership was augmented by the addition of Neha Madhok earlier this year, and we welcome her insightful additions to the group.

The Community Organising Fellowship has been auspiced by the Nature Conservation Council since its inception. As of 1 July 2021, COF has joined NCC as an in-house project for the next 12 months, while we review the program to identify opportunities for the future.