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Katchmirr Russell

I am Katchmirr Russell, I use they/them pronouns and I am a Dtjimamidtang/Yha-idt'midtang activist, student and poet currently living and studying on beautiful Ngunnawal / Ngambri country.

I started organising and volunteering for Seed Mob in 2019 right when I got to university and I have participated in many local community initiatives, events, and groups since then.

My advocacy took a different turn when I did two terms as Indigenous Officer at my university where I was the undergraduate representative, advocate, campaigner, and organiser for Indigenous students. It was a beautiful experience facilitating community spaces for mob, but a harrowing and draining experience working against institutional racism and discrimination and feeling its betrayal within student politics and the university.

I am passionate about advocating and caring both for country and for my various intersectional and diverse communities. I want to stand up with and for my elders, my ancestors, and our children; for our creatives and storytellers, our activists and our carers for country and culture. I am too tired to do it by myself, but if we come together to protest, shout, create and live we can make some bloody good movement.