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Kara Stuart

I have been volunteering as a Community Organiser with the Women’s Climate Justice Collective for the last nine months. This has involved building relationships with women around Australia to initiate dialogue about the intersection of gender inequality and climate change; supporting women to be involved in the climate movement; and preparing and distributing resources about the intersectionality of climate issues and women’s issues. I have also been a core volunteer with Stop Adani Melbourne for the last four months, and prior to that I was a core volunteer with Melbourne for two years.

My current campaigning with WCJC is focused on further developing the Women’s Climate Justice Collective as a grassroots movement of women demanding gender-responsive action on climate change. This involves engaging in outreach and building relationships with women across Australia for a stronger feminist climate justice movement, with a particular focus on First Nations women, rural women, LBTQIA+ women, women with low incomes, and women with disabilities. As well as growing the movement, WCJC’s key objectives are to develop and provide information, training, resources and mentoring for women around Australia to engage in grassroots climate change activism with a focus on feminist climate justice; and to develop accessible resources to inform women’s groups and climate organisations about the importance of women’s human rights in climate action. The WCJC aims to plan and coordinate a 1-2 day Women’s Climate Justice Camp in the next 18 months that will support women to understand the intersection of gender injustice and climate change, build skills, and develop strategies to take action in their communities.