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John Carroll

I have been a Pastor in Western Sydney. I preached, prayed, counselled, taught, engaged in missions, administered, helped people with disabilities, spoke on TV… and I became very interested in the future of our planet. This conversion had two stages. My oldest son moved to Newcastle. When I saw him, I couldn’t get the coal ships out of my mind. Two months later, at the end of a church service, I was prayed for, and ended up on the floor. I saw a new baby and her mother nearby, and was struck by the enormity of what we are doing to our world. I became engaged in things as best as I knew how: I attended rallies, vigils, anti-coal conferences, spoke against the T4 Terminal, I joined Eco-Mission and WSEN, and I went up to Maules Creek a number of times, including being arrested.

Now I am organising a Walk for Water, to be held during the Paris Climate Meetings. The walk is from Sydney to Wollongong, highlighting the preciousness of our water supply. I am working with the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), engaging people of all faiths with the seriousness of climate change, and moving them towards action.