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Jimmy Stanton-Cooke

I’m a passionate earthling who loves this Planet Earth. I have been been an environmental activist for 25 years. It distress me that humanity has inflicted such damage in such a short period of time and I wish to find solutions for behavioural and attitude change to protect what essentially is the backbones of the planet – the environment’s ecosystems, biodiversity, water, and more.

I’m literally Half Cut about the issues such that I have founded my own charity BeardsOn for Conservation that has sister campaign BraidsOn and younger brother Half Cut that has helped plant over 40,000 native trees and protected over 90,000 acres of rainforest globally with partners Rainforest Trust. For 365 days I am proudly sporting  a half cut beard to end deforestation and open cut mines — protest on my face to raise the urgent need for people to act.

I am Sydney Co-ordinator for Lock The Gate Alliance and my other passion is to end further coal and coal seam gas mines in New South Wales and Australia and transition towards renewables. Supporting First Nations people, communities, prime agricultural land, health, water, air, and climate.