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Jane Stabb

I’ve worked as a climate campaigner since 2010, when I started with AYCC. During the 2010 Federal Election campaign, I worked to influence the media and political narratives through our Climate Elephant and Meet Your Member campaigns. I worked as an organiser on AYCC’s PowerShift youth climate summits to recruit and train young people to become activists. I’ve also worked with ACF to run advocacy days in Canberra, training and facilitating community members to meet with their politicians and advocate on climate issues. Recently I worked in Vietnam supporting young local climate activists to run sustainability campaigns.

I am currently a community organiser with Environment Victoria. I support Environment Victoria’s volunteer network, and am building and facilitating the operation of three community groups in key areas around Melbourne. I am also supporting a 2014 state election ground campaign in target areas that will be run through our community network. The aim of our election campaign is to get environmental issues on the election agenda for all sides of politics, with a focus on tackling climate change and protecting nature.