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Grassroots volunteer leadership training

Are you part of a community action group campaigning for positive social change?

New to grassroots activism? Or have a bit of experience and looking to grow your leadership?

This grassroots volunteer leadership program could be for you.

To support you to build your skills and knowledge of how collective action can create change, The Community Organising Fellowship is hosting a free online training course between August and November.

This training is designed for people who are relatively new to collective action, have had some recent experience, and are motivated to keep making change in their communities.

The training will consist of 8-10 fortnightly sessions which will be hosted online and run for 90 minutes each. In each session, we’ll share tools, frameworks, and lessons from historic social movements. We’ll also make space for you to connect with other people campaigning for positive social change in their communities, so can learn together and build your networks.

We’ll cover topics including:

  • Approaches to social change and understanding people power
  • Relational organising and relational meetings
  • Power of story
  • Campaign strategy
  • Healthy and effective teams
  • Facilitation and training
  • Movement building

The exact content will be determined based on the needs and interests of participants.

Interested? Please complete this short survey to share your availability and help us shape the content to your needs: