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COF 2021 Mini- Workshops - September 7, 2021

Join our annual mini-workshops run by our current cohort. There are two streams - Campaign Strategy Tools and Community Organising Skills. 

This year they will run on Tuesday September 7th from 10.00am AEST to 2pm AEST with a lunch break and breaks between the workshops.

Each year the cohort is placed into small groups who are tasked with running a mini-workshop covering one of the skills they've learned in the Fellowship. The workshops offer participants deeper learning of the content, facilitation skills and small group work. They also offer the opportunity for the wider community of peers to learn a variety of skills relevant to them. 


In 2021 the cohort is offering two streams of workshops - 

Community Organising Skills
  • The Power of Story facilitated by Alastair Leith, Bella Himmelreich and Emma Leigh Synott
  • Community Mapping facilitated by Fahimah Badrulhisham, Geoff Bice, Hannah Ekin and Raimundo Ignacio Miralles Salas
  • Relational Meetings facilitated by Ella Shi, Grace Vegesana, Joshua Sean Nichols and Zoe Grant
Campaign Strategy Tools
  • Forcefield Analysis facilitated by Carly Robertson, Jane Leanne MacAllister, Kim Croxford and Shay Leighton
  • Power Mapping facilitated by Ajar Sana, Fiona Blandford, Hugh Nicklason and William Potter
  • Critical Path facilitated by Emily Jones, Mick McGrath, Sunny Hungerford and Tony Goodfellow

You are invited to attend the mini workshops. Please fill in our intake form and we will be in touch.


RSVP here to attend our mini workshops

Please RSVP by August 31