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Caspian Bahramshahi

I started my journey as an organiser straight out of high school with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Over three years I worked up to a role as a state fundraising coordinator and later as state campaigns coordinator. Though I cared deeply about the environment, it was always the human impact of climate change that really made me passionate.

I decided it was time to move out of the climate movement, and spent the next 2 years floating between LGBT+ rights, refugee rights, disability, poverty, workers’ rights and social justice campaigning.

I discovered that no matter where I went, the environment movement kept drawing me back. I now work as a community organiser for the Queensland Conservation Council, where I have two main projects. My first focus is the Sun-Powered Queensland Alliance, an alliance formed to push for 100% clean energy in Queensland. My second focus is the development of a community organising and campaign training program to be delivered to regional Queensland.