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Bhaval Chandaria

In 2016 I began working on the Greenpeace Ban the Bag campaign in WA, which focused on building community support for a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags, and then utilising this support to approach the state government and push for the ban to be implemented. This campaign began with a petition, but evolved over time as it gained momentum and support, and eventually I was able to co-ordinate a letter-writing campaign which gained the support of several local councils.  Earlier this year the WA State Government announced a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags will be implemented by July 2018.

I am currently a group member of 350 Perth, and have been working mostly on the Stop Adani campaign, as well as Council Divestment. I am the group convener of my local action group with Amnesty International, and we are currently pushing for our local council area to become a Refugee Welcome Zone. I am also the group coordinator for Greenpeace Perth, which is very newly formed and is still findings it’s feet, but has been focusing on reducing plastic pollution.