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Andrew Bray

From 2009 to 2012 I worked on the Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions campaign. This was about building up a campaigning group within my local sustainability group. I organised and coordinated political actions as part of a team. Primarily the campaign was a series of one-off events: local actions that were part of larger campaigns – Replace Hazelwood,, 100% Renewable and others.

In 2011-12 I joined the 100% Renewable team as one of their Media and Comms Coordinators and Regional Organiser: As Regional Organiser I organised 8-10 groups around Victoria, engaging them in campaign activities and maintaining contact with them in between times.

I’m currently the State Coordinator with the Victorian Wind Alliance. VicWind is a state chapter of the Australian Wind Alliance. As State Coordinator, I am responsible for the whole gamut of the organisation’s activities, including campaigning, membership, fundraising and administration. Our main campaign last year was Reclaim Waubra, where wind power supporters in the town of Waubra aimed to persuade the anti-wind farm organisation, ‘Waubra Foundation’ to drop the town’s name. The other main focus was building the organisation from scratch and recruiting members throughout Victoria, uniting farmers, wind workers and community supporters.