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Abigail (Abi) Jabines

I was a volunteer almost 15 years ago for a community-led marine sanctuary in an island in the Philippines. The community was mostly subsistence fishing families and we had to gain their trust and respect, inform them about the benefits of the project and encourage them to organise themselves while navigating the local social and political dynamics of the community.

I’ve also been part of a Secretariat that works with community groups and eNGOs across the globe that fight incinerators, promote ecological waste management and advocate for extended producer responsibility.

As a campaigner, I’ve worked with volunteers, partner organisations, religious groups, schools and universities, high-profile individuals and political allies to advocate for a renewable energy target in the Philippines. I also organised youth groups across the globe to promote renewable and decentralised energy in their respective communities and universities.

I was the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Climate Change campaigner, working on a campaign that aims to rebuild the ambition on climate action in Australia. It involved working with supporters, eNGOs and other organisations in Australia to present a robust case that resonates to decision makers and the public.