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Our mission is to build the power of our movements by training and mentoring a national network of highly-skilled community organisers and campaigners to activate and mobilise communities around shared values to win targeted and strategic campaigns.

The Community Organising Fellowship is the deepest and most intensive campaign training program on offer in Australia. Each year, The Community Organising Fellowship takes 25 organisers and campaigners on a 6-month journey of connecting, learning, and skills development. We give participants the tools and skills to design, initiate, and lead powerful campaigns that engage thousands of people and win positive, meaningful, lasting outcomes for our communities.

Our graduates have led more than 800 workshops to share community organising and campaigning skills with more than 14,000 group members, volunteers and community leaders. Fellowship graduates also leave with a strong network of peers working in a variety of organisations and communities across the continent – laying the groundwork for stronger movement and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Our program draws on training tools and approaches that our core team has developed and honed through our work with hundreds of campaigning organisations and community groups over many years. Our pedagogy is participatory and maximises applied learning, with a strong focus on developing and executing campaign strategy.


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